A year of achievement, celebration and change


2016 marked a major milestone in the history of the European Handball Federation as it celebrated a quarter of a century since its foundation. This was an opportunity to reminisce about the events of the past 25 years but was also a time to look ahead as a new generation stepped up to take charge. In this 2016 edition of the digital EHF Business Report we look back on a record-breaking year of achievement, celebrations around the 25th anniversary and a Congress that resulted in the election of a new team to lead the EHF through to 2020.

Opening words from
the president

We opened the year with an EHF EURO event in Poland that was to break all records and will go down in the history books as one of the biggest and best European Championships we have witnessed to date.

A fitting start to a significant year in the short history of the federation as we reached a major birthday – 25 years since the foundation of the federation in Berlin in 1991. It was a great pleasure to be able to celebrate this milestone together in St. Wolfgang, Austria and to look back not only on our many successes but also to remember the many people who have played their own part in the EHF story over the years.

I feel deeply honoured that the national federations decided at Congress to put their faith in me to lead the federation for the next four years. I feel too the weight of responsibility as I follow in the footsteps of the three previous highly-respected and successful presidents Steffan Holmqvist, Tor Lian and of course Jean Brihault.

Through the latest edition of the EHF Digital Business Report, we now take the opportunity to look back one final time on 2016, a record-breaking year of achievement but also a year that signalled the start of a new era for the EHF with many new people joining the federation for the first time, charged with the great responsibility of looking after our sport as we look ahead to the next 25 years.

Michael Wiederer, EHF President

Men’s EHF EURO 2016 - Poland

tickets sold
- a new spectator record
A record cumulative
TV audience worldwide
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Record-breaking year for EHF EUROs

Poland and Sweden hosted the Men’s and Women’s EHF EURO events attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators and billions of TV viewers around the world

2016 was to prove a pivotal year for the development of the EHF’s flagship club competition, the VELUX EHF Champions League.

EHF Marketing GmbH

2016 was another successful year for EHF Marketing. Highlights include Salming Sports becoming the official sports outfitter of the EHF and Select Sport becoming new official ball supplier of all EHF competitions including the VELUX EHF Champions League, WOMEN’S EHF Champions League, Men’s and Women’s EHF Cup as well as the EHF’s flagship national team competition, the EHF European Championships.

Meet our partners

We profile three of the EHF partners – including two brand new companies to sign agreements in 2016

Official outfitter of the EHF & EHF Marketing GmbH

Official ball partner

Official EHF goals & nets supplier

Beach Handball

Increased visibility and audience reach

The EHF Beach Handball Commission working together with the EHF Media and Communications Department to begin the process of creating a new strategy to match beach handball’s growing importance with a tailor-made media approach. The result was unprecedented increase of visibility & audience reach.

Raising Standards in Handball


The EHF make considerable strides forward in the implementation of technology within the game including the first use of instant replay in EHF competitions.


It’s been another clean year for European handball with no positive doping tests across the EHF’s testing operations on club and national team levels.


To ensure the best possible conditions for players, spectators and the media and TV production, the EHF has set high standards for the set-up of arenas and venues.


Bringing handball to the streets

GOALCHA Street Handball is focused on fun and fewer rules – the organisation is aiming to bring handball into schools and the daily lives of children and young people.


increase in number of visits
to EHF websites


increase in number of fans
following EHF social media channels


Following on from the successful organisation of the 2015 European Wheelchair Handball Tournament in Austria, the first meeting of a new wheelchair handball working group set up by the European Handball Federation took place in July.

EHF Young Coaches Workshop 2016

The third edition of the ‘EHF Young Coaches Workshop’ was very much about the future of handball in Europe.


17/18 November 2016 – St. Wolfgang, Austria

Congress 2016

The EHF witnessed a significant change at the 13th Ordinary EHF Congress, which took place on 17/18 November 2016 in the beautiful setting of St. Wolfgang in Austria.

Gender equality

The EHF Congress in St. Wolfgang took another step forward in promoting gender equality in handball after supporting a motion from the Norwegian Handball Federation.

Changing of the guard

The 2016 EHF Congress not only marked the organisation’s 25th Anniversary but also a changing of the guard with a new generation stepping up to take the lead.

Boards & Commissions

Discover more about the newly elected boards and commissions of the European Handball Federation and what they’ve been doing in 2016.

The EHF team

Meet the personnel who make up the EHF and EHF Marketing headquarters in Vienna, Austria.