New president elected as the EHF enters a new era

The EHF witnessed a significant change at the 13th Ordinary EHF Congress, which took place on 17/18 November 2016 in the beautiful setting of St. Wolfgang in Austria, close to Salzburg.

Not only did the federation celebrate its 25th anniversary but with elections for political positions right across the federation, there was to be a changing of the guard with a new generation stepping up to take the lead.

Out of the 59 positions either elected or nominated, a total of 22 new people were to take office within the EHF for the first time.

The new elections also brought with them a broad representation of the national federation’s within the EHF’s political structure. Out of the 50 member federations, no fewer than 30 nations are represented.

43 men and 16 women hold positions, with the EHF Executive Committee having nominated a number of additional people to commissions to ensure gender representation.

Michael Wiederer steps up as president

Replacing Jean Brihault as EHF president is Michael Wiederer, who has guided the federation from its inception and has been its secretary since September 1991.

He was the only candidate for the position and succeeds Jean Brihault, who has was EHF president from 2012 to 2016. Because of the age limit 69-year-old Brihault was not permitted to run for another four-year term.

Wiederer is the fourth president of the EHF. The first was Swede Stefan Holmqvist who headed the federation from its foundation in 1991 until 2004. Holmqvist was succeeded by Tor Lian, who was the president from 2004 to 2012. Jean Brihault succeeded Lian at the EHF Congress 2012 in Monaco.

Nominated by the Austrian Handball Federation, Wiederer was unanimously elected as the new EHF president, which was greeted with a standing ovation from delegates present in the auditorium.

More new faces in the EHF Executive Committee

There were significant changes too within the top body charged with leading the federation, the EHF Executive Committee.

Several stalwarts of the federation ended their careers with the EHF, including the retiring president, Jean Brihault; vice president, Arne Elovsson and treasurer, Ralf Dejaco.

Predrag Boskovic, who in his day job serves as Minister of Defence in Montenegro, was elected to the vice president’s position.

The Dane and former top referee, Henrik La Cour, was the only candidate for the treasurer’s position and was duly confirmed by Congress.

President of the Serbian Handball Federation, Bozidar Djurkovic, was elected as chairman of the Competitions Commission; Jerzy Eliasz was re-elected to the Methods Commission as was the Norwegian Ole R. Jørstad to the Beach Handball Commission.

In addition, Hungary’s Gabriella Horvath stepped up from her role within the Beach Handball Commission to become an ordinary member of the executive as did Latvia’s Anrijs Brencans. The former Swedish national team and THW Kiel player, Stefan Lövgren, was also elected to this position.

The final two places in the EHF Executive Committee representing the Professional Handball Board and Women’s Handball Board were confirmed at their meeting in Gothenburg on 15 December 2016 on the fringes of the Women’s EHF EURO.

The Women’s Handball Board decided to go for a unique split nomination for the next four-year period.

Narcisa Lecusanu (ROU) will serve for the first two years and Nodjialem Myaro (FRA) for the second two-year period. Pirje Orasson (EST) was elected vice chair.

FC Barcelona Manager and President of Forum Club Handball, Xavier O’Callaghan (ESP), was elected chairman of the Professional Handball Board and Frank Bohmann (GER) was elected vice chairman.

Final nominations from the Executive

Just hours after the completion of the Congress, the EHF Executive Committee reached its first decisions with the nomination of representatives to the remaining positions, defined by the statutes and including additional gender representatives.

Additionally, the EHF Executive Committee nominated Predrag Boskovic (MNE), the newly elected vice president, as the EHF representative on the IHF Council and confirmed the EHF president, Michael Wiederer to the position of IHF vice president (Europe).

Congress extends gender representation

Following motions from both the Norwegian Handball Federation and the EHF itself, the federation took another step further in the promotion of gender equality within its federations.

Congress accepted the proposals that the principle of gender representation agreed at the EHF Congress in Monaco in 2012, should be further extended to the federation’s legal bodies.

A further motion from the Norwegians was also confirmed and will see changes to the statutes to ensure that any EHF body consisting of two to four members will have both genders represented and any body of more than five members both genders must be represented by a minimum of two persons.

A re-submitted proposal from the Austrian Handball Federation seeking to extend the age limit for members of the EHF Executive Committee from 68 to 72 failed once again to gain acceptance from the national federations

2016 Congress Election Results

Executive Committe (EXEC)

PresidentMichael WIEDERER / AUTnew function
Vice PresidentPredrag BOSKOVIC / MNEnew function
TreasurerHenrik LA COUR / DENnew member
Chairman CCBozidar DJURKOVIC / SRBnew function
Chairman MCJerzy ELIASZ / POLre-elected
Chairman BCOle R. JORSTAD / NORre-elected
MemberStefan LÖVGREN / SWEnew member
MemberGabriella HORVATH / HUNnew function
MemberAnrijs BRENCANS / LATnew member
Chairman PHBXavier O'Callaghan / ESPChairman PHB
Chairperson WHBNarcisa Lecusanu / ROMChairperson WHB

Competitons Commission (CC)

Member Men's CompetionsJan KAMPMAN / DENnew member
Member Women's CompetitonsCarmen MANCHADO / ESPre-elected
Member RefereeingDragan NACHEVSKI / MKDre-elected
Member Club CompetitionsRadoslaw WASIAK / FCH / POLnominated

Methods Commission (MC)

Member Methods and CoachingSjors RÖTTGER / NEDre-elected
Member Education and TrainingPeter KOVACS / HUNre-elected
Member Youth, School and Non-competitive sportKlaus FELDMANN / GERnew member
Member DevelopmentPedro SEQUEIRA / PORre-elected
MemberMarta BON / SLOnew Member

Beach Handball Commission (BC)

Member Events and CompetitionsMarco TRESPIDI / ITAre-elected
Member OfficiatingIvan SABOVIK / SVKnew member
Member Game Design and CoachingJuan Carlos ZAPARDIEL / ESPnew member
Member Development and PromotionGeorgios BEBETSOS / GREre-elected
MemberJelena RAKONJAC / SRBnew member

Comptrollers (COMPT)

MemberAlain KOUBI /FRAnew member
MemberJutta EHRMANN / GERnew member
SubstituteRobert PRETTENTHALER / AUTre-elected

Court of Handball (COH)

PresidentPanos ANTONIOU / CYPnew function
Vice PresidentHenk LENAERTS / NEDnew function
Vice PresidentKristian JOHANSEN /FARnew member
MemberElena BORRAS ALCARAZ / ESPnew member
MemberIoannis KARANASOS / GREre-elected
MemberLibena SRAMKOVA / CZEnew member
MemberYvonne LEUTHOLD / SUInew member
MemberUrmo SITSI / ESTnew member
MemberViktor KONOPLIASTYI / UKRre-elected

Court of Appeal (COA)

PresidentMarkus PLAZER / AUTre-elected
Vice PresidentJens B. RASMUSSEN / DENre-elected
MemberNicolae VIZITIU / MDAre-elected
MemberRobert CZAPLICKI / POLnew member
MemberMaxim GULEVICH / RUSnew member
MemberRoland SCHNEIDER / SUIre-elected
MemberMilan PETRONIJEVIC / SRBre-elected
MemberJanka STASOVA / SVKnew member
MemberKetevan KOBERIDZE / GEOnew member

EHF Court of Arbitration Council (ECC)

PresidentFrancesco PURROMUTO / ITAnew member
Vice PresidentJacques BETTENFELD / FRAre-elected
Vice PresidentBogdan SOJKIN / POLnew member

Nations Board (NB)

ChairmanMorten Stig CHRISTENSEN / DENre-elected
Deputy ChairmanPhilippe BANA / FRAre-elected
MemberMark SCHOBER / GERnew member
MemberMarek GORALCZYK / POLre-elected
MemberIngo MECKES / SUInew member
MemberStephen NEILSON / GBRre-elected

Women´s Handball Board (WHB)

Chairperson (2018-2020)Nodjialem MYARO / FRAre-elected
Chairperson (2016-2018)Narcisa LECUSANU / ROUnew member
Vice ChairpersonPrirje ORASSON / ESTre-elected
MemberLeonor MALLOZZI / PORnew member
MemberDeja IVANOVIC / SLOnew member
MemberLiudmila BODNIEVA / RUSnew member

Professional Handball Board (PHB)

ChairmanXavier O'Callaghan / ESPnew member
MemberFrank Bohmann / GERre-elected
MemberMarcus Rominger / GERmember
MemberMorten Stig Christensen / DENmember
MemberPhilippe Bana / FRAmember
MemberPeter Gentzel / SWEmember
MemberGerd Butzeck / GERmember
MemberMichael Sahl Hansen / DENmember