Having a ball

Back in the summer of 2016, the EHF announced a new ball partner for the first time since the foundation of the federation back in 1991.

A four-year deal with SELECT Sport A/S was launched at the company’s headquarters in Denmark and it sees the company provide the official match ball for all EHF competitions including the VELUX EHF Champions League, Women’s EHF Champions League, Men’s and Women’s EHF Cup as well as the EHF’s flagship national team competition, the EHF EURO events.

A new and exclusive ball design is presented for the VELUX EHF Champions League and WOMEN’S EHF Champions League each year as well as for each EHF EURO competition.

In 2017 SELECT has innovated and experimented with their handball products in partnership with the EHF and is set to continue this cooperation into 2018.

“At SELECT we have been developing balls for more than 70 years so we have a deep insight into the very nature of the sport of handball, which enables us to ensure top quality in new innovative solutions,” says SELECT CEO, Peter Knap.

“The EHF is an important strategic partner and together we will continue to further develop. There is no doubt that two such historically established organisations have a lot to give each other.

“Our partnership shows we take responsibility and work together to develop the best products and best experiences. The partnership will help to improve the framework for events and increasing the visibility of modern top handball’, he concluded.

A league of champions

The top of the range handball produced by SELECT is the ULTIMATE. It is made for matches at the highest level and approved by the EHF. The handball consists of six crucial elements: bladder, valve, lining, foam, surface and stitching.

This range features their best handball, ULTIMATE, in an updated form with two versions for the Champions League created – the ULTIMATE - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH MEN and ULTIMATE - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCH WOMEN.

Their top of the range handball, ULTIMATE, is made for matches at the highest level and approved by the EHF. The handball consists of six crucial elements: bladder, valve, lining, foam, surface and stitching.

The official SELECT ULTIMATE match balls for the Men’s and Women’s EHF Champions League are made of extremely hard-wearing synthetic leather material, while a patented Zero-Wing bladder inside of the ball ensures optimal roundness.

A specially developed Shark Skin Foam gives the hand-sewn ball an extremely soft feel and fits great in the hand. The ball is light and lively, but above all its constant balance ensures that there are no random bounces.

The ‘Club Series’ balls are suitable for club-level matches and training and feature two versions: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE REPLICA MEN and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE REPLICA WOMEN. These replica models are made of soft and hard-wearing synthetic leather and also hand-sewn.

A new EURO, a new design

The first addition to this series was the Women’s EHF EURO 2016 special edition with the vibrant colours of blue and yellow, incorporating the colours of the host nations flag Sweden.

Now, SELECT have launched the ULTIMATE - EURO 2018 MATCH BALL MEN, the official match ball for the men's EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia.

Fans across the four venues in Split, Porec, Zagreb and Varazdin will be able to see the ball in person as it flies through the air from 12-28 January.

Maxi Grip

The potential game-changing SELECT Maxi Grip ball with adhesive provides an alternative to resin and reduces the distance between different balls in the transition from youth handball - where resin is limited - to senior handball.

The surface is sticky when catching the ball, but when released, the hand remains clean with no traces of adhesive – even on sports floors.

At the same time, these new innovative balls for young players provide new opportunities to play faster, play more technically and boost the game, while giving them greater opportunity to exercise new spins and tricks.

SELECT has spent the last two years developing the new ball, which is the first ball with a sticky surface to be made available worldwide.

Its use is specifically aimed at youth players or in sports halls where the use of resin is not permitted.

Find out more about the Maxi Grip product here.


SELECT has a long history, manufacturing around three million balls a year and represented in major parts of the world, exporting to over 50 countries. Now the world’s largest producer of handballs around the world, back at the beginning of the 1970s, SELECT founder Eigil Nielsen released the first handball with 32 sewn sections and many tournaments are still played around the world with balls based on his 32-section principle.

In addition to balls, the company’s range now comprises everything within equipment for particularly football, futsal and handball, including sports supports, sports care, goalkeeper gloves, boots and shoes, training equipment and clothing.

Besides supporting the handball sport in Europe, Select Sport donates approximately every year 6,000 balls for children from mainly African countries, where they also support schools.

All official match ball and replica versions are sold via leading sports retailers worldwide and for more information on SELECT visit