Mentoring Coaches in
Women's Youth Handball

In April, the EHF launched the ‘Mentoring of Coaches in Women’s Youth Handball Project’ as part of its continued efforts to develop women’s handball in Europe.

The long-term objectives of the project are to propel the EHF EURO and Women’s EHF Champions League competitions forward, to develop more female elite players in more countries and close the gap to the top nations, while improving the level and motivation of coaches actively involved in women’s youth handball.

The project targets and supports the development of the younger age category (YAC) coaches of national teams ranked 13-24 in Europe, focusing on players aged 12 to 18 years old. A maximum of six federations will participate in the first two years, with federations submitting a proposed programme and project concept for approval by the EHF Executive Committee.

With each federation having their own specific needs in the area of coach development, the EHF works closely with the federations involved to formulate the agreed programme.

EHF Lecturers are provided by the EHF during the project lifespan for continuous mentoring of coaches through coaches’ clinics, organised by the member federation during their respective national/regional tournaments for the targeted age range, three times a year over two years, up to a total of six sessions.