Young Coaches Workshop

16 young coaches from across Europe aged 33 or younger descended upon the southern Polish city of Szczyrk in June for the 2018 EHF Young Coaches Workshop.

All coaches had basic education and experience in handball coaching coming into the six-day workshop which was split into theory and practical parts.

In the theoretical part, six EHF Lecturers gave presentations about various technical, tactical and mental aspects of the game while in the practical part, each coach presented two training sessions - one which had been prepared in advance and one which had been prepared during the six days.

During the practical sessions, coaches were assisted by two Polish junior national teams and received individual as well as collective feedback and evaluation from the EHF Lecturers after they had finished based on content and realisation, while topics like soft skills and communications with the team were also addressed.

In their evaluation of the successful workshop, the participating coaches praised the “really great organisation/realisation,” the “passion and involvement of all participants” and the “great atmosphere.”

The seminar was the fifth Young Coaches Workshop organised by the EHF Methods Commission, which focuses on development, (further) education, and training as its core activities.