New calendar from 2020

Meeting in Paris ahead of the final matches of the Women’s EHF EURO 2018, the EHF Executive Committee approved major changes to the international calendar from the start ofthe 2020/21 season based on proposals developed by a special taskforce, comprising representatives of stakeholders including clubs, leagues and players.

A key request from representatives of Europe’s top players was for a longer break and more time to regenerate before the start of the new season, so the EHF rescheduled national team weeks normally in June to the end of April/beginning of May each season, meaning players will not play any European qualification matches following the end of their club seasons.

In addition, future men’s and women’s EHF FINAL4 events from the 2020/21 season onwards will change with the men’s event played in the middle of June and the women’s event at the end of May, with all national leagues in Europe required to finish one week before each. Therefore, the EHF FINAL4 will be the final handball event played by top players each season in Europe, allowing them to start their summer break following these events.

According to EHF procedures, the international calendar is released 20 months ahead of time to ensure enough time for national federations and leagues to prepare for upcoming seasons and due to the close working relationship between the EHF and International Handball Federation, responsible for scheduling the international calendar worldwide, the implementation of these changes was granted.