Ottostadt Magdeburg EHF Cup Finals

Although hosts SC Magdeburg did not make it to the final after their semi defeat against Saint-Raphael on the first match day, the Ottostadt Magdeburg EHF Cup Finals created a brilliant atmosphere as Füchse Berlin celebrated as the new title-holders in a competition which was broadcast live in 13 countries and all matches and highlights of the action streamed live on

More than 6,000 fans came in person to support the four teams — and the event was not only a success in terms of public appeal, as both SC Magdeburg and EHF Marketing underline in their conclusions.

“We wanted to be a perfect host, and judging from the feedback of the teams, fans and the EHF, we reached this goal,” said Marc-Henrik Schmedt, Managing Director of SC Magdeburg.

“Thanks to the support of the city of Magdeburg, the EHF, our partners and many volunteers, we could organise this event. I am proud of the way we worked and that, from the financial perspective, we did not have a minus in the final balance.”

EHF Cup Finals
EHF Cup Finals

David Szlezak, Managing Director of EHF Marketing GmbH, was very satisfied with the organisation and cooperation with SC Magdeburg.

“The club worked very professionally, but still with a lot of heart, blood, sweat and tears,” he said. “Like in Göppingen in 2017, we were in a city that lives and breathes handball. It was a really great event in the GETEC Arena.”

Right after the 2017 edition in Göppingen, SC Magdeburg started their plan to host the 2018 event, then bid for it and were subsequently awarded as hosts of the Ottostadt Magdeburg EHF Cup Finals.

“Through the whole process, it was a great cooperation with all people at Magdeburg involved,” said Szlezak.

“Even when the hosts missed the finals, the fans came to the arena. The club can be proud of their fans and what, in general, it has achieved through this organisation. When I was a player in the Bundesliga, it was always something special to play at this arena, and it is still the same.”

In general, Szlezak is sure the future of the EHF Cup Finals is positive.

“When you see the last three events in Nantes, Göppingen and Magdeburg, you could recognise that both the EHF and organisers invested a lot to improve the tournament, which is growing step by step. Now our aim is to find a major international sponsorship partner for the EHF Cup, as we are sure that this competition has great potential for the future.

“The EHF Cup Finals in Magdeburg have proved that it is the best solution to award one of the participating teams with the organisation, as this creates huge fan interest right from the start. In all aspects, Magdeburg did a great job.”